Anti-scale filter CBOD-AC ВВ20
ресурс: 525 000 л
price: 6,300 UAH
Anti-scale filter CBOD-AC ВВ20
Anti-scale filter CBOD-AC ВВ20
The flask ВВ20 with the cartridge CBOD-AC.
This product is perfect for protecting household and industrial heat exchangers from corrosion and scale formation and also for water purification from heavy metals and impurities.
The active ingredient CBOD-AC is an anion exchange resin, processed with chemically active components by special technology. What are the benefits? The water passing through the filter, acquires new properties, which do not allow hardness salts appear on the surface of the heat exchange, and isolation valves.
Filter life span: 525 000 liters (525м3), provided that the water meets the GOST 7525:2014 "Drinking water"
The temperature of treated water: +5 ... +40 °C
The working temperature of the heated water: +5 ... +105 °C
Height: 605мм
Diameter: 180mm
Thread diameter: 1"
Throughput: 3 - 5 m3/hour
The maximum water pressure is 6 ATM.
Service life (of the cartridge): 1 year
Shelf life (of the cartridge): 3 years
Package contents:
Case ВВ20 of enhanced performance for cold water
Cartridge CBOD-AC sbb20
Supporter and 4 screws
Safety data sheet and operation manual

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Anti-scale filter CBOD-AC ВВ20
Anti-scale filter CBOD-AC ВВ20