Three-stage cleaning filter "CONS" Mechanics + CONS-AC / Iron removal MT10_ST250 / F5 connection - brass thread
ресурс: до 42 000 л
price: 756 UAH
The filter consists of two flasks:
- first with a mechanical cleaning module;
- the second - with a double module.
The first step is the mechanical cleaning module:
provides preliminary purification of water, cleans from mechanical impurities, sand, rust, silt, scale, large suspended particles.
The second step is the deferrization module:
reduces the iron content in water. Removes insoluble (trivalent) iron from water, and also converts soluble (bivalent) to insoluble form and filters it. Thus, the iron content in water is reduced to the standard indications (0.2–0.3 mg / l), and manganese is also removed.
The third stage is the anti-scale module "SVOD-AS":
provides protection of heating elements of all types against the formation of scale and other deposits. Destroys the previously formed scum.
As a result of applying the filter with the “SVOD” cartridge, mechanical clogging is removed from the water, scale is not formed, the heat exchange surface does not become rusty, the service life of water heating equipment and plumbing equipment is increased, and gas and electricity consumption is saved.
Filter life - up to 42,000 liters *
Size - 10 inches

Temperature of treated water: +5 ... +40 ° С
Operating temperature of heated water: +5 ... + 105 º С
Maximum water pressure - up to 0.6 MPa (6 atm.)
Filter capacity: 1 - 2 m3 / hour
The term of operation (cartridge) - 1 year
Shelf life (cartridge) - 3 years
Connection size - 1/2 (brass thread)
* Subject to compliance of water with GOST “Drinking Water”
* At elevated values ​​of iron (Fe) and hardness, the resource can be determined from the graphs in fig. 2 and 3
Product complete set:
Filter housing
Filter cover
Cartridge "SVOD" Mechanics
Cartridge "SVOD-AS" / Digestive iron
Passport and instruction manual
Replacement calendar