The set of filters "SVOD" HVP 2_MST_BB20
ресурс: 525 м3
price: 9,100 UAH
The set of filters "SVOD" HVP 2_MST_BB20
The set of filters "SVOD" HVP 2_MST_BB20
The optimal solution for protection of heat exchangers and the internal surface of the heating system of a modular boiler room.

Filter set 2_MST_BB20 includes:
Stage 1 of the coarse filter type BB20 with a cartridge of foamed polypropylene 5 micron filtration rating:
removal of mechanical impurities from water (sand, silt, rust, etc.). Protects and prolongs the life of the main equipment for water treatment.
Filter element: polypropylene cartridge size 20 ″.
Stage 2 anti-scale filter "SVOD-AS":
the active substance “SVOD-AS” is an anion exchange resin treated with chemically active components according to a special technology. Water passing through the filter acquires new properties that do not allow hardness salts to fall out on the heat exchange surface and stop valves.

Filter resource - 525 000 l (525 m3), provided that the water complies with GOST "Drinking Water"
Water temperature: +5 ... +40 ° С
Operating temperature of heated water: +5 ... +105 ° С
Height: 605 mm
Diameter: 180 mm
Thread Diameter: 1 "
Throughput: 3 - 5 m3 / hour
Maximum water pressure - up to 0.6 MPa (6 atm.)

Filter mechanical water purification - 1 pc
Anti-scale filter "SVOD-AS" - 1 pc
Bulb Connector - 1 pc
Passport and operating instructions - 1 pc

The set of filters "SVOD" HVP 2_MST_BB20
The set of filters "SVOD" HVP 2_MST_BB20