The set of filters "SVOD" HVP 3_OFST_BB20
ресурс: 525 м3
price: 15,400 UAH
The set of filters "SVOD" HVP 3_OFST_BB20
The set of filters "SVOD" HVP 3_OFST_BB20
Complex HVP for a mini boiler room: recommended for water with a high iron content

The 3_OFST_BB20 installation includes:

Stage 1: pre-filter “SVOD®-oxidizing”
Polypropylene cartridge with increased hydrophilicity (treated with singlet oxygen). It removes mechanical impurities, sand, rust, silt, scale, large suspended particles with the aim of additional activation of the filter surface.

Stage 2: "SVOD® Iron deficiency"
Designed to purify water from dissolved and dispersed (insoluble) iron compounds in water. Improves the color, smell and taste of water.
Resource: 200 m3 (with an iron content of 1 mg / l)
Stage 3: "SVOD- AS"
Protection of the heating element from scale. The active ingredient "SVOD-AS" is an anion exchange resin treated with chemically active components according to a special technology. Water passing through the filter acquires new properties that do not allow hardness salts to fall out on the heat exchange surface and stop valves.
Resource: 525 m3

The temperature of the water passing through the cartridge is from 5 ° C to 40 ° C
Decrease in water pressure during passage through the cartridge - from 0.2 to 0.4 kgf / cm2
Thread diameter - 1 "
Throughput - no more than 1 m3 / hour
The maximum water pressure is up to 0.6 MPa (6 atm).

Oxidizing filter "SVOD" Iron deficiency - 1 pc
Filter "SVOD" Deferred - 1 pc
Anti-scale filter "SVOD-AS" - 1 pc
Connector flasks - 2 pcs
Passport and operating instructions - 1 pc
The set of filters "SVOD" HVP 3_OFST_BB20
The set of filters "SVOD" HVP 3_OFST_BB20