Anti-scale filter "SVOD-AS” BB-100
ресурс: 2 500 000 л
price: 22,000 UAH
Anti-scale filter "SVOD-AS” BB-100
Anti-scale filter "SVOD-AS” BB-100
Anti-scale filter ""SVOD-AS” BB-100 is designed to protect heat exchange surfaces from corrosion and scale (including the removal of previously formed ones), and also to remove heavy metals and impurities from water.
Used for anticorrosive and anti-scale water treatment of mini-boiler facilities.
The active ingredient of the filter"SVOD-AS” BB-100 is the anion exchange resin, processed with chemically active components according to special technology. The water passing through the filter, acquires new properties, which do not allow hardness salts appear on the surface of the heat exchange, and isolation valves.
Filter life span is 2 500 000 liters (2 500м3), provided that the water meets the GOST 7525:2014 "Drinking water"
Working pressure: up to 0.8 MPa (8 kgf/cm3)
The temperature of treated water: +5 ... +40 °C
The working temperature of the heated water: +5 ... +105 °C
Size: height 900mm, diameter 200mm (8X35 inches)

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Anti-scale filter "SVOD-AS” BB-100
Anti-scale filter "SVOD-AS” BB-100